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There are millions of courses on the internet.    All the information you could ever need  is out there. 
So how come we are not all super confident, super rich and super successful? 

The problem is not a lack of knowledge,   it is a lack of understanding.

Balanced Education in an Unbalanced World

I have formed a training partnership with Lea Lechtenberg from Saigon and Munich combining her experience in corporate coaching and business start up  with my multi-career experience.   We delivered our first online trainings together in Saigon.

We focus on practical skills and understanding which

  • transform emotional difficulties into resources

  • deliver psychological and philosophical insight

  • drive resilience and success in business and personal life.

We offer bespoke training for corporations and public courses open to all.

New courses will be posted here.  In the meantime if you would like to be informed of future projects email us at:


Contact Hugh on

Contact Lea on

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