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Hugh is an author with experience in business, market research, psychotherapy, academia and performance. 

He has led over a hundred workshops in negotiation, qualitative research, hypnosis, performance and presentation skills, practical philosophy and authentic storytelling.

​In 1997 he gained his PhD in Philosophy  from City University, London.

In 1999 Hugh co-founded Corr Willbourn Research and Development, a qualitative market research business which gained an excellent reputation for solving challenging projects and developing innovative research methods. The client list included Virgin, Shell, Diageo, Novartis and many different UK Government departments including the Home Office, the Foreign Office, the Department of Health and The Department for Education.

For links to CWR&D work in the public domain click here.

He is the author of:

The Bug in our Thinking and the way to fix it  2023

I can mend your broken heart, (with Paul McKenna) Bantam, London 2003

Agree to Win, Essential Steps to negotiate in your work and Life, BBC Books, London, 2004 


He is the collaborator and editor with Paul McKenna of best-selling series of self-help books in UK and USA including:

I can make you Sleep                          2009

I can make you Happy                        2011

The Hypnotic Gastric Band                 2013

Freedom from Emotional Eating        2014

Instant Influence and Charisma          2015

Get Control of Sugar Now                   2016

The Seven Things that Make or Break a Relationship,  2020.


"I was going through a tough time and Hugh's solution was so effective.  It wasn't about don't do this, don't do that. He focused on positive actions. His techniques peeled off deep layers of dissatisfaction. I love what he says about happiness that it is always there. All we need to do is to remove the clouds.  Thank you Hugh."     (AK, Private client, 2021)

“Hugh defies the usual categories of therapist, counsellor, consultant. He’s just jolly good at helping stressed out professionals. He provides practical coping mechanisms and the things he says change the way you think about yourself forever.”   (BM  Private Client  2019)


“Whenever I need to get my head into a better gear, I turn to Hugh. It always works.”   (BH private client, 2017)


I loved  the technique of storytelling, the way to captivate listeners’ attention and to make them want to hear more.  I would recommend the course for anyone who asks for it and even who don't  ask for it.  (K D, Presentation Course 2020)


Book Reviews:


The first time a book has been genuinely helpful. It's good because not only does it help soothing the anxiety and depression feelings, but also it makes us take full responsibility. I really recommend this book to anyone having slight to big difficulties to leave a relationship/move on/recovering self esteem. It is not a miracle by itself but has been a GREAT tool and I have seen a massive improvement applying the exercises.  (Victoria,  I can mend your Broken Heart, 2018)


Best boom [sic] I've ever read. It was as if he was actually talking to me and about me! Really helped me getting over my ex husband cheating on me. I'm now 3 years old, in a new,happier and fulfilling relationship. Buy it!   (Claire, I can mend your Broken Heart, 2018)


I am a therapist and this is one book I recommend to clients who are having trouble getting over someone. Different people find different exercises in the book helpful. The CD/ download hypnosis is extremely soothing   (Jules, I can mend your Broken Heart, 2016)

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