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A beautiful use of storytelling & the art of getting you to think about your thinking.”  Paul McKenna

Accessible, thought-provoking, and insightful. … [a] fitting critique of the technocratic overdetermination of everything that extends into almost every corner of our lives today.”   William McNeill, Professor of Philosophy, DePaul University, Chicago.

"The book is phenomenal. I love the way it all seems like disparate facts and he draws all the threads together in a flash of light. He’s funny, erudite and serious, all at the same time."   Peta Woolley

"John Heron meets Roger Zelazny in this rollercoaster ride through some of the multi-layered intricacies of human consciousness and how we make sense of things. Written for grownups ~ such an immense relief to be s
pared the smug condescension to be commonly found in such writings. Willbourn is determined to meet us on his level, and if we’re not there already we find ourselves picked up by the scruff and ceremoniously brought along. Quite exhilarating. And very very funny in many parts. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I loved reading it anyway. This is a robust, challenging, absorbing, lively and illuminating read. And utterly human and personal. Almost impossible to put down."   Catherine Llewellyn

What if a single cause lies beneath millions of misunderstandings and mistakes?


What if the foundation of modern technology introduced an invisible bias into our thinking?


What if you could understand why so many arguments go wrong and how to set them right?


In a world awash with illusion and misinformation this is a profound and practical guide towards clarity. It has philosophy for non-philosophers, hypnosis for non-hypnotists and stories for hungry hearts. From Arizona to Madagascar we join an intriguing journey in search of understanding via psychotherapy, storytelling and the British Library, uncovering on our way the vulnerabilities that lurk within our language.


Give this book to your friends on the other side of the debate.  Any debate. Any side.

You can order  The Bug in our Thinking  now

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