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#47 State of the Markets Podcast

Earlier this month I joined Tim Price and Paul Rodriguez on their “State of the Markets” podcast. Their usual fare is a maverick take on the orthodoxies of the financial markets; on this occasion we challenged other orthodoxies. We talked about life and philosophy and I introduced some of the themes from my recent publication, The Bug in our Thinking and the way to fix it. I was quite forthright, and ventured rather more personal opinions than I do in the book. So for those in search of subtlety, accessibility and a range of different interpretations, I recommend the book. If you fancy something a bit more polemic, click here to check out this podcast. Thank you very much, Tim and Paul, for inviting me onto your show.

You can get the book, ebook or audiobook on Amazon. If you are in the UK and want to buy the physical book please buy it directly from my website. You can get a £2 discount by entering the code VOBES in the coupon box before the end of November.

We recorded the episode a week or so before Suella Braverman was sacked for being a Tory, so no comment on that - but we didn't have to wait long for the Government to do the Next Stupid Thing.

O tempora, O mores!

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