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#25 Power House Podcast #1

I have a new podcast out. I am starting a series of talks with my business partner at the Power House, Lea Lechtenberg. Our podcast has two related themes.

Firstly, we explore practical ways to thrive in our crazed and traumatised world, and secondly we pick up the journey of discovery that I referred to in my very first blog post.

I have been on a journey of discovery for more than thirty years, and I really want to tell you where I have arrived. I have discovered, as I should have realised earlier, that of course I cannot do that. I can, however, retrace my steps and invite you along the path I trod. If you do choose to come with me you will find an alternative viewpoint which is not left or right or mainstream or religious or academic or revolutionary or woke or traditional or establishment. You may or may not find it compelling, but at the very least you will have an alternative - and it can be surprisingly useful.

It is worth remarking that none of the facts, insights or ideas that I have put together are new. Many, many people have trodden similar paths before me and left behind signposts to guide us. However those sign posts are lost in an ever-expanding forest of data, theories, opinion, interpretation and idiocy. It is not easy to find them, and once found it is not easy to understand them.

Nevertheless there is a reason why things are as they are. Come along with us, and find out something about it.

The journey is neither short nor straightforward and we will find ourselves on diversions, over and over again. Nevertheless the journey could be enjoyable. As a great sage once advised, “Listen to stories; it’s always pleasant and sometimes it improves you.”

In this first episode we introduce some listener-friendly philosophy and end up with some top tips for storytellers. Listen here.

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