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#32 Podcast: Christmas, Stories and Addiction

We had a little chat at the Power House just before Christmas. We talked about addictions and the everyday challenges of life, and how they all get a little more intense at this time of year.

We told some stories about the stories we tell ourselves to avoid the feelings we don't want to notice. We had a little fun around how to deal with people who are drunk. We talked about the difference between distraction and relaxation, and some ideas about how to change direction away from addiction towards more creative attitudes.

These are the books I mentioned in the podcast - all of them a good read:

  • Get Control of Sugar Now! Paul McKenna, Bantam Press, London 2016

  • Fat Chance: The hidden truth about sugar, obesity and disease, Robert Lustig, Fourth Estate, London 2014

  • Families under the Influence: Changing Alcoholic Patterns, Michael Elkin, W W Norton & Co, New York, 1990

I wish you a happy and rewarding New Year.

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