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#33 Podcast: Better Storytelling

I have another podcast over at the Power House. In this episode we tell a few stories, we talk about stories and we tell a story about storytelling. I outline and illustrate some basic principles to help you to tell a story well, and we look at a few of the many profound benefits of storytelling. There are practical tips, a story about the most famous hypnotist of the 20th Century and a little - but not too much - philosophical insight.

You will also find another recent podcast on the Power House Spotify page. Polite people are taught not talk about sex, politics or religion. So we talked about religion. Is it helpful? Is it dangerous? Does it have a purpose?

Why is it that younger people these days don't have much to do with religion, yet it plays a huge part in world history?

We don't offer definitive answers to any of these questions, but we had a good wander around the topics and found out that some lucky people have two guardian angels...

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