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#41 Flying Frisby Podcast

I was kindly invited onto the Flying Frisby Podcast by Dominic Frisby.

Wonderfully we were both in the same place so we could do it face to face rather than on zoom, and even more wonderfully Alex McCarron filmed it so it is available on You Tube as well as an audio file. Here’s a link to the audio podcast and here’s a link to the video on You Tube.

We started talking about my book, The Bug in our Thinking, but as usual wandered off in various directions. A friend listened to my last pod appearance with Catherine Llewellyn (Post #40). He told me he enjoyed it but he also kept asking himself, “Yes but what is the book about?” Then he read the book and understood the problem.

Nevertheless, on this occasion I tried to answer that question and I did manage to answer a bit of it. Not all of it, but early on I geeked out a little on the philosophy-literacy element. The book is more story-led and contains the tidy version of the philosophy – this was a bit of a jam session. It was fun. Thank you, Dominic.

And before I sign off I must do the dutiful plug. You can buy my book here. For those who prefer other versions it is on Amazon as an ebook and I am about to start recording the audiobook. I'll post here when that is available. Finally, as a reward for reading all the way to the bottom of this post, if you buy the book before the end of June the code RICEWINE in the coupon box will give you a £2 discount.


Read the book.

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