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#43 Talking to Nick Dixon on The Current Thing

Nick Dixon kindly invited me onto his podcast. We talked! I got caught up in the conversation and cannot remember what I said, but Nick took some notes. Thank you Nick!

We talked about:

-Working as a hypnotist with Paul McKenna

-Why 2020 was the 'end of the enlightenment'

-Why the dominant orthodoxy is almost always wrong

-Whether events are explained more by conspiracy or incompetence

-Why Plato didn't write down his best ideas

-A solution to the gender wars

-How our culture has become inverted

-Whether Britain is finished

-What I learnt about the West from living in Vietnam

and loads more!

It was a pleasure to talk to Nick - and of course I forgot to plug my book relentlessly so here is the plug: Buy my book, The Bug in our Thinking and the way to fix it. You can find it on my website in the UK. If you are outside the UK you can find it on Amazon. It is also available as an ebook on Amazon and very soon will be out as an audio book too.

I think it is a wonderful book - but I would, wouldn't I? What do other people think?

"It’s the best book I’ve read for a very long time. " PW

"I absolutely love it. It is totally what it was meant to be.... different from other books and powerful. " LJ

"It is extraordinary. That sounds banal but I am struggling to find the words to describe it as it is unlike any other book I’ve read." CW

"I laughed out loud." DC

There are more reviews on my website and on Amazon.

Go on, listen to The Current Thing and buy the book.

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댓글 2개

David Simpson
David Simpson
2023년 7월 22일

I enjoyed your interview with Nick, and I shall listen to the other one with Dominic Frisby when I have time, but this just feedback on The Bug, which I have just finished and most enjoyed, especially the stories. I liked your not giving titles (so we have no expectations) or morals (so we can’t think well that’s that then). It reminds me of Lacan’s advice when the analysand says something revealing - stop the session and sa nothing. Let the client stew on what has arisen for a week, rather than just wrap it up neatly so “we can move on”.

and thank you for the reference to Don’t sleep, there are snakes. I think I heard Everett on…

Hugh Willbourn
Hugh Willbourn
2023년 7월 22일
답글 상대:

Well, thank you! Your other thought reminds me of Paul Watzlawick who wrote in the preface to one of his books (maybe Change ?) "I have just realized that this whole book is really a footnote to the Four Noble Truths" - everything we need to know has indeed already been written. There is a much longer and richer discussion to be had about 'head, heart and hips.' Let's have it when we meet. HughW.

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