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#45 On YouTube with Richard Vobes

I was very happy to be a guest of Richard Vobes on his YouTube channel. You can watch the episode here. Of course you don't have to watch it - you can load it on your phone, ignore the picture and listen to it like a regular podcast.

We talked about my book, The Bug in our Thinking and the the way to fix it so if you have not yet read it you may find our conversation a useful introduction. We touched on the perils of abstraction, the power of stories and the enlightening nature of Saigonese traffic.

Richard is a wonderful and welcoming host and a prolific broadcaster. He has all sorts of curious and interesting guests and he posts regular monologues about issues which concern him.

Click here to listen to our conversation.

The Bug in our Thinking and the way to fix it is available on Amazon as a paperback, ebook and audiobook, but if you are in the UK please buy it from my own website. In order to promote the book and by way of thanks to Richard's listeners, and to you, there is a discount when you buy it from my website (click here). Enter the word VOBES in the coupon box to reduce the cost by £2. The offer expires at the end of November.

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