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#52 Time to Vote

In these divided, despairing times the whole of Britain is looking forward to a rare day of unity as we celebrate the demolition of the Conservative Party.  Let us seize the moment and enjoy it, because after that we will be back to the remorseless and less desirable demolition of the country.


You may think that there is little left to destroy.  The NHS is virtually paralysed, Universities are lost to wokery, and there are now generations of graduates who are economically disabled by huge debts for their worthless degrees.


However there is indeed more to destroy. There are thousands of small and medium sized businesses in the private sector that are flourishing in spite of the best efforts of the Government, and there are many healthy, happy communities that have yet to be afflicted with juvenile knife crime, long-term unemployment and small-minded culture warriors.


A Labour Government, like a Conservative Government, is a frightening prospect.   Voting for either party is an instance of the frequently misattributed quotation,

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


Many young people quite rightly despise every politician in Westminster.  They are being asked to live a life of poverty to maintain the wealth of the very people who caused all their problems.   Boomer bureaucrats, having inflated away their own mortgage debt, engineered guarantees to benefit themselves at the expense of the following generations.  If I was under 35 I would ask, 

“Why should I pay for your mistakes and pay to protect you from their consequences?”

There are many rational responses to that.  The mildest are quiet quitting and emigration.  A more radical solution would be the type of re-education programme that was so impactful in China and Cambodia.


On the 6th of June this year the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings was commemorated. Our situation today is not akin to D-Day.  We have no armies ready to liberate occupied territory. Today our situation is more like that four years earlier, when more than 800 “little ships” sailed to Dunkirk to evacuate Allied soldiers who were surrounded by the German army. It was not a victory.  It was not a time for celebration.  It was however a vital, gallant action which saved soldiers who took the fight to the enemy four years later, and eventually won the war.


In Britain and in France we have elections this week, in the USA this year.  Don't just vote against the other lot. Vote for something.   For what or whom would you sail across the channel and risk your life under fire?

If you believe that your current representative truly has your best interests at heart vote for her or him.

In the UK, if you believe in transgender activism vote Green. 

If you want sharia law vote for the Worker’s Party. 

If you want reform, vote Reform.


Have a good vote.


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Jul 03

Things change. Look on the bright side (as Ned Kelly didn't say).

  1. Keir Starmer plays 5-a-side football, so he's got some connection with this planet.

  2. Labour in the UK may soon be facing somewhat conservative governments in most directions as far as New Zealand. Trump is a force of nature who will be a constant counter-example.

  3. Information is way more distributed than ever before. Thanks, Elon. So fooling most of the people most of the time is way trickier. The BBC for example is a laughing stock in the Anglosphere.

  4. Labour may be in a stronger position vis-a-vis the Blob because it is the Blob. When Reality bites Starmer may be able to push the Blob around better than the…


Jul 03

I'm not sure that voting will make any difference now. "Insanity is the doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"!

"Many young people quite rightly despise every politician in Westminster". I think there are quite a few old people too.

What if NO ONE voted? Rather like if no soldiers turned up to fight a war. I'm dreaming of tumble-weed at the polling stations again...

David Simpson
David Simpson
Jul 03
Replying to

I would not vote / spoil my ballot paper if it would have a positive effect. I’ve long thought the number of MPs returned to Parliament should reflect actual votes cast. So if 100% of us vote we get a full house of 650 odd members. But if only 50% bother, we get 325. The excess MPs are trimmed off according to the number of votes they received - so the least popular are removed.

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